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The cases of people suffering from depression have significantly increased, especially recently. In our stressful and fast-paced society, you or your loved one might find it very difficult to cope, which could lead to depression.

There are many different techniques for overcoming depression, which include alternative therapies, conventional treatments, or both. This workbook kit uses some of those alternative therapies that can help you support your customers by teaching them techniques to help them deal with their worry, anxiety, and more.

With The Depression Workbook Kit, you can make workbooks, journals, planners, coloring books, and other low content books that can help your customers.

Inside the beautifully formatted Depression Workbook Kit, you will find:

  • 3 sizes of templates – Letter, A4, and 8″ x 10″
  • 4 colors for each size
  • 5 file formats – odg, pdf, ppt, jpg, and png
  • Editable print and digital covers, along with spines to make up to a 1″ book
  • 3D images of the covers – Paperback, Spiral, and Paperback Stack
  • The fonts used in the templates
  • Graphics

Using the mix-and-match templates, you can create your own unique depression workbook(s). The 65 pages of templates include:

  • Title Page
  • Disclaimer
  • Usage and Legal Notices
  • Emergency Contacts
  • What Is Depression? (3 pages)
  • Coping With Depression (4 pages)
  • My Support System
  • My Support System (Blank)
  • When Depression Strikes
  • Depression Assessment (6 pages)
  • My Core Beliefs
  • Negative Self Talk (2 pages)
  • Daily Activity Log
  • Weekly Activity Log
  • Thought Journal
  • Things I Have Achieved
  • The Color of My Moods – Instructions (Monthly and Yearly)
  • The Color of My Moods – Moods List (2 pages)
  • The Color of My Moods – My Moods
  • The Color of My Moods – Daily Moods at a Glance (Monthly and Yearly)
  • Meal Planner Introduction
  • Meal Planning Tips (3 pages)
  • Meal Planner
  • Medication Tracker
  • Sleep Tracker (Monthly and Yearly)
  • Hydration Log (2 pages)
  • Exercise Log
  • Worry Page
  • Reducing My Anxiety
  • My Goals
  • Lined Journal Page
  • Lined Notes Page
  • Blank Notes Page
  • 5 Quote Pages
  • 5 Coloring Pages
  • 45 Mood Boosters (2 pages)
  • About the Author
  • Thank You Page

Many of the templates are self development and mindset activities that are lined so your customers can fill in the information that pertains to them. Other templates are text-based. The text from these text-based templates can be used not only in your workbooks, journals, planners, etc., but as blog posts, messages added to your autoresponder, and more.

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[YES] May edit any way you want
[YES] May put your name/brand on them
[YES] May distribute on NON PLR membership sites you own
[YES] May add as a bonus to an existing product
[YES] May sell on third-party websites

What you MAY NOT do:
[NO] May NOT sell or give away with PLR rights
[NO] May NOT sell or give away with Master Resell Rights
[NO] May NOT sell or give away with Resell Rights
[NO] May NOT list or sell on auction sites
[NO] May NOT share the source documents with anyone in any way
[NO] May NOT sell individual designs
[NO] May NOT use my name (Teresa Nichole Thomas), company name (Zen PLR), or my brands in any way.


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