Thank you for requesting my Zen Doodles Autumn Leaves contribution to Jay’s Color My Holidays Bundle.

Before you download it, please check out the special upgrade offer below…


Zen PLR Upgrade for Color My Holidays Bundle

Color My Holidays Bundle Upgrade: Zen Doodles Apples, Turkeys, and Pumpkins by Zen PLR

Because you chose to accept the Zen PLR Zen Doodles Autumn Leaves pack from Jay’s latest bundle, I am offering you the opportunity to get even more zen doodle designs at a crazy low price.​

I present to you 3 Zen Doodles packs: Apples, Turkeys, and Pumpkins. Zen PLR has not yet launched these products, so you are among the first to see them. When they launch, the prices will be $27.00 each, but today you can save roughly 85%, and get all three for just $12.00! (Note: That is one payment of $12 for all three packs, not $12 each!)

I Want the Upgrade!


This upgrade offer is only available when you order the Zen Doodles Autumn Leaves pack from Jay’s Color My Holidays Bundle and includes 25 apples, turkeys, and pumpkins, all filled with doodles. The files are available in two file formats.

Combine any or all of the illustrations from this pack with other design assets to create beautiful designs that you can use in your coloring pages and books, journals, planners, activity books, and more.

All the designs in this pack are 300dpi and measure 3600px square, allowing you to use them not only in a variety of ways but also in a variety of sizes.


Here is a little peek at each pack:


These Zen Doodles packs contain jpg and png file formats and can be used in many ways, including (but not limited to):

  • Printing the designs for your own use and coloring them;
  • Creating your own adult coloring books;
  • Creating your own journals;
  • Creating planners for yourself or for gifts;
  • Creating your own coloring cards to sell or to give as gifts;
  • Making print-on-demand (POD) products (i.e. t-shirts, mugs, and totes) to sell or to give as gifts;
  • Printing the designs on fabric (like t-shirts and pillowcases) for coloring with fabric markers;
  • Making your own branded coloring books to give or sell to your clients or students;
  • Making coloring books for your family and friends for easy gift giving;
  • Starting a coloring membership site;
  • Starting a journaling membership site;
  • Beginning an adult coloring club and charging a fee;
  • Using your own branded coloring books for fundraisers;
  • Making coloring bookmarks;
  • Using these designs along with other design assets you own;
  • Using these designs along with other designs you own to create totally new coloring books, journals, journal pages, planners, planner pages, and activity books;
  • and SO much more!


What are my rights with these designs?

What you MAY do:
[YES] May use on websites you own
[YES] May edit any way you want
[YES] May put your name/brand on them
[YES] May use to create NON PLR books, journals, cards, and more
[YES] May distribute on NON PLR membership sites you own, as long as the designs are modified first
[YES] May use to sell digital products as long as you first modify the designs with other elements to create a completely new product and offer them only in flattened form so the image(s) cannot be extracted (i.e. add them to a journal page or use them as part of a card front)
[YES] May use to sell physical products, including POD, as long as they are used to make a new product (i.e. add to a t-shirt, mug, pillow, etc.)

What you MAY NOT do:
[NO] May NOT sell or give away with PLR rights
[NO] May NOT sell or give away with Master Resell Rights
[NO] May NOT sell or give away with Resell Rights
[NO] May NOT list or sell on auction sites
[NO] May NOT share the source documents with anyone in any way
[NO] May NOT sell the unmodified designs
[NO] May NOT use the designs in or sell them as digital templates
[NO] May NOT sell the designs as a graphics pack in any way
[NO] May NOT use the designs for any logos or trademarks
[NO] May NOT list on royalty-free graphics websites (Pixabay, Unsplash, etc.)
[NO] May NOT use my name (Teresa Nichole Thomas), company name (Zen PLR), or my brands in any way, including giving the illusion that I am endorsing your product(s)


Yes, I want all 3 packs for just one payment of $12!
No, thank you! I understand that I will not see this special offer again.